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Custody ruling will return boy to Chicago from Ireland - for now

Child custody battles can be highly unpleasant and complicated, often with the child who is caught in the middle suffering the most. When the two parents live in different countries, the situation is even more tortuous, and the legal issues far more complex. That is the case for a Chicago woman who has been fighting for custody of her son with her ex-husband, who lives in Ireland, for nearly the entirety of their 6-year-old son's life. This month, however, she received some welcome news that could mean she will have the little boy home by Christmas - possibly to stay.

Skier, child's mom battle out child custody case

A custody case involving famed Olympic skier Bode Miller may set an important legal precedent about whether pregnant women are allowed to move to a different state without legal permission from their child's father. The child custody debate in this case centers around the fact that the mother of the skier's child moved from the West Coast to the East Coast without his knowledge, allegedly to seek a better venue for the subsequent family law proceedings. Pregnant women throughout Illinois and the rest of the nation could face a significant legal backlash if the case is decided in Miller's favor. The case will attempt to determine a suitable custody arrangement that is in the best interests of the child.

Illinois counties' child custody fees to continue despite lawsuit

Two Illinois counties will be allowed to continue charging fees from divorcees in order to fund facilities designed to give divorced and separated parents a neutral environment in which to exchange custody of their children. Two people filed a lawsuit against Illinois's St. Clair and Madison counties, asserting that the counties' decision to charge a $5 fee from all divorce litigants was unlawful. Illinois has allowed individual counties to enforce fees of up to $8 on divorce cases to help raise funds for neutral child custody centers

Illinois parents can help their children cope with divorce

Divorce can be notoriously difficult for those involved to get over, sometimes resulting in lasting mental and emotional effects that are difficult to eliminate. As much pain as divorcees may feel after dissolving their marriages, however, their children may experience stress and turmoil that is even more pronounced. Unaddressed, these effects can seriously impede a child's emotional, social and interpersonal development.

Back-to-school tips for children of divorce

Preparing to return to school for the year can be stressful for any Illinois child, but this already tumultuous season can be even more troublesome for children whose parents recently went through a divorce. Fortunately, parents can work together with teachers and school officials to ease this potentially problematic time and ensure their children adjust to the new school year in a healthy way.

Illinois mother could receive $5M in child support from insurer

The attorney of a divorced Illinois woman says Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois could be ordered to pay $5 million or more in order to settle a child support dispute. The long-running legal battle is centered around a state law that requires businesses to garnish the paychecks of non-custodial parents who have failed to pay child support. Because the woman's ex-husband, a self-employed chiropractor, receives reimbursement from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois for their clients' care, the woman asserts that the insurer should be garnishing his wages.

Parenting coordinators offer solutions for divorced parents

Divorce can impact a family in a number of significant and drastic ways. Some of these effects are legal in nature, such as a court's child custody, alimony or property distribution ruling. Others repercussions become more apparent after legal proceedings have ended and the divorced couple is forced to grapple with family-related problems. These issues can be especially difficult to approach as they have no clear legal solution. Instead, they require parents to come together in order to make wise decisions that properly represent the best interests of their children.

Non-custodial parents may pose kidnapping risk in Illinois

New reports from the Federal Bureau of Investigation reveal that non-custodial parents in Illinois and across the United States are increasingly abducting their children and fleeing across state or even national lines in order to avoid having to hand over control of children to their legally designated parents. Experts say non-custodial parents frequently abscond with their children as a form of revenge against their former partners when they are unhappy with the court's child custody decision.

Travel tips for single parents

A family vacation can make memories for both parents and children that last a lifetime. For single parents, traveling with a child can be overwhelming, especially if you aren't adequately prepared. Here are some tips to make your next trip less stressful and more enjoyable.

How to help a divorcing mother

Women who have undergone divorce generally understand the stress, emotional trauma and general difficulty that can occur with the end of a marriage, but even those who have never been married can offer a helping hand to their divorcing friends in a number of ways. Divorce can be especially hard when issues associated with child custody are involved, making it important to be a source of strength for friends that are both divorc├ęs and mothers. A huge number of Michigan women become involved in a divorce at some time during their lives.


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